Council Member Dudley Gregorie

“Gary White, a “Native Son” has the proven commitment to serve all residents of Charleston. He is a visionary with action, a man of integrity and truth, and has the wherewithal to expeditiously get the job done in the sole interest of People.”

Kathleen Wilson

Kathleen Wilson

“Gary White is a hard working and an effective leader. He has a deep understanding of the current challenges that Charleston faces while crafting a vision for its future success. Pragmatic and intelligent describe Gary as he is able to manage all critical components of running a successful city. His integrity and thoughtfulness are exactly what Charleston needs moving forward.”

Keith Shirley

Council Member Kevin Shealy

“Few people have impressed me business-wise as much as Gary White does. His banking and business acumen are amazing and exactly the answer to what CHARLESTON needs now!”

Larry Shirley

Larry Shirley

“Gary White deals with issues head-on. He doesn’t avoid the obvious or push it down the road for someone else to handle later. And he does it well.”

Aubrey Alexander

Aubrey Alexander

Leadership is not about a title. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your purpose, and inspiration is about sharing your vision. I’ve known Gary White for many years, he is a man of honor, integrity and credibility. Most of all, I trust Gary White to lead our wonderful city into the future. Gary White’s a born leader.”

Keith Waring

Council Member Keith Waring

“Gary is a person of ‘Integrity’ combined with a high ‘Financial Acumen’.  He has the respect of all of his colleagues on City Council… In short, Gary is a Problem Solver!”

Bill Moody

Council Member Bill Moody

“A city can’t run a government from one single person who isn’t even sure of how simple processes are supposed to work. Leadership is about gathering around extraordinary individuals and getting the best out of them for the best of all. That’s how Gary operates.”

Brantley Moody

Charleston County Council Member Brantley Moody

The people who live in West Ashley are tired of hearing about study results.  They are ready for action. I have known Charleston City Councilman Gary White for over two decades. He is a quiet man –he listens, carefully researches the issues, rolls up his sleeves, and then gets the job done.  He does not care who gets the credit, only that the best possible outcome is achieved for the citizens of Charleston.”