Growth and Development

Growth & Development Fatigue

The City of Charleston is growing and this is a good thing. If Cities aren’t growing, they’re dying. But growth must be done in a way that does not deteriorate our quality of life. Charleston is continuously touted as being the number one tourist destination in the world. Charleston must also be the Number 1 location for our residents as well.


The City has experienced an abundance of new developments in the last few years which has led to many residents getting ‘development fatigue’. The issue with development that creates so much anxiety is not the fact that people don’t like Hotels or Apartments, but when done without vision people fear that development will lead to a loss of quality of life. That fear is understandable and warranted.


When developers are left to develop their property without any guidance or vision from the Mayor and his administration, developers will simply develop their property based solely on profitability without regard to what might be the best and highest use of their property from a civic planning standpoint.


The charm and character that we all love about Charleston is that it is a vibrant and living City. The peninsula is unique because people live in neighborhoods in our City Center, businesses operate in our City Center and we have world class restaurants and shops that line our streets. When done correctly all these uses create the vibrancy and charm of our peninsula. But when the pendulum swings too far and too many buildings are repurposed into singular uses, hotels and apartments, for example, our City’s diversity of use diminishes and so does our City’s character.


In the last 10 years the zip code downtown, 29401, has lost nearly 6,000 jobs. So today our focus needs to be on protecting our office buildings from being converted into other uses such as hotels. However, our issue will be something else in the future. We must be prepared to address our City’s issues now and in the future. The way to do that is by having vision.


Under my administration, I will develop an Economic Development department that is charged with supporting the economic diversity, vibrancy, and livability of our City with a clear focus on creating a robust and diverse economy in our City. Additionally, I will create an Economic Development Committee of City Council. Part of that process will include creating a priority list based on building uses that the City wants to support. The goal of the Economic Development Committee will be growing our City’s economic diversity and protecting the diversity of uses of our built environment. All of which will enhance the quality of life and livability for our citizens.


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As Mayor of the City of Charleston, I will ensure that our City has a clear vision for our future and that our 1750 City employees work collectively and confidently every day to turn our vision into reality.


We must grow responsibly. Our future depends on it.


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