Meet Gary

Gary White

Councilman Gary White is a native of Charleston.  He has lived on James Island and West Ashley. He worked on the Peninsula and was one of the first families to build a home on Daniel Island, where he and his family have lived for 15 years.


As a teenager attending the College of Charleston, Gary was a runner for his uncle, Bill Regan. Mr. Regan was the attorney for Charleston for 27 years. Gary used his rollerblades as a fast and efficient method to deliver Mr. Regan’s documents and papers.


Today, people who still work in City Hall remember him fondly as the kid who used to rollerblade into the building. Finding the best and most efficient way to accomplish goals is an ingrained habit Gary has continued to practice throughout his life and one of the many reasons he received the “40 under 40” award* while he was a Senior Vice President in Commercial Banking and Charleston City Councilman.


Gary graduated from the College of Charleston and later obtained his master’s from the Citadel. He has been on City Council for 12 years where he is respected for his focus in being solution oriented.