Parking Issues


Politics ain’t worrying this country one-tenth as much as where to find a parking space” Will Rogers


Parking on the Peninsula has become a tremendous challenge. The effects of the lack of available parking are impacting businesses and residents alike.  Residents wanting to go downtown to shop, dine or just walk around are finding the issue so challenging that it is a limiting factor for them to even want to go downtown anymore.  Accordingly, businesses are suffering from the lost revenue of residents not wanting to visit downtown.  Moreover, businesses are finding it exceptionally challenging to find employees because of the lack of affordable parking options for their staff.  As Mayor, I will address parking in three ways:


1- Parking variances for new developments will be the exception, not the rule.  My administration will require developers to provide appropriate parking for their developments and to adhere to zoning requirements.


2- The City over the years has built numerous parking garages and currently owns 14 parking garages and 9 surface lots, totaling nearly 7000 parking spaces. Under my administration, we will build more parking garages and focus on ensuring they are run in the most efficient way to maximize the use of our garages.  Additionally, we will focus on replacing surface lots with parking decks that will substantially increase the number of spaces available. The City would likely use bonds to pay for the construction of the garages and use the revenue from the garages to pay the bonds back in order not to encumber the City’s general fund budget.


3- We will prioritize our parking garages to provide for our citizens and the business community. The use of the City’s parking garages will be focused on economic development to support our business community, including our Food & Beverage and Hospitality workers.


The charm and character of our City remain one of the main reasons we all choose to make Charleston our home.  However, the issue of parking in the City has become so challenging that it is deteriorating quality of life for many residents on and off the peninsula. As Mayor, I will ensure that our City is focused on addressing our parking issue with the goal of ensuring our citizens can continue to enjoy living, working and shopping downtown.


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