Traffic Congestion


The current administration has supported initiatives to eliminate traffic congestion by encouraging people to get out of their cars and walk or bike. Although this is a nice concept, it is not always practical in Charleston. The idea of biking to work in July and August in Charleston is certainly not going to be appealing to the masses, nor when it is raining or freezing. I take a different approach to the problem.


It is my belief that people will choose the most convenient transportation option for them based on their own circumstances. Today, the most convenient option available for most people is to drive their own vehicles. So, let’s consider this to be the root cause of the problem. The biggest issue is that most people do not live where they work. For example, 83% of the residents of West Ashley don’t work in West Ashley. So, every morning 83% of the most heavily populated areas in the City of Charleston get in their cars and drive somewhere else to work. So, what if half of those people didn’t have to get on the road and leave West Ashley every day. That would reduce the number of vehicle trips on I526 or other major connection points by trips per day.


Under my administration, the previously discussed new and improved Economic Development Department will be tasked with supporting the development of business centers across the City.  The goal, as they recruit new companies to come to Charleston, they will encourage those employers to locate their businesses in areas across the City where their employees can live and work in the same area.

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